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  • external two AA alkaline batteries , capable of use for above 10 hours continuously
  • support multi-loop signal , simultaneous control , no mutual interference (max accommodating 20 sets of handles)
  • support DIGITAL and ANALOG mode
  • operation distance in 8m , up to 10 m maximum
  • with double vibration motor , excellent expression 
  • PC USB to PS2 game controller adapter
  • pc controller adapter
  • controller adapter for ps2
  • joy pad adapter
  • accessoire ps2
  • Ideal for home organization or on-the-go PS2 game consoles
  • Fold-down cable backdoor allows for easy TV hook-up and lets you play directly from the case
  • Customized fan vents allow proper console cooling
  • Reinforced case walls and padded inner lining provide a protected and secure environment for travel
  • Sturdy carrying handle with comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap
  • This protective travel carry is specially designed to fit Sony PS2.
  • High quality extra-strength stitch throughout.
  • This premium multi-purpose bag is designed to carry your PS2 with all the accessories.
  • Thick padding to protect your PS2 console against damage.
  • Very Rare Item For Retro Console Ps1 and Ps2
  • Fishing Experience That Would not happened in Ps3 and Ps4
  • Must have for Fishing Lover
  • Original Hori Product
  • New and Unopened
  • Over six feet in total length
  • AC: 100V-240V, DC: 8.5V
  • For SCPH-7000 or 9000 Series
  • Storage your game
  • 64mb memory capacity
  • For All Ps2
  • Replacement for your ps2/3 Av cable
  • Working perfectly for Ps3 and Ps2
  • Quality Product
  • Storage your game
  • 32mb memory capacity
  • For All Ps2
  • Storage your game
  • 16mb memory capacity
  • For All Ps2
  • -No maintenance(Lense and Browser Ic defected issue is gone) 
  • -Best Ps2 Games Preload inside 80Gb HDD
  • -ODE Ps2 Console with Hdd support function
  • -Classic Console That Collectors Must Own 
  • -Unlimited Time Games Copy and Erase in Hdd
  • -Over 100 Million Sold Worldwide
  • -Fully Import Set
  • -1 year warranty
  • -Economy and Affordable
  • -Not supported CD
  • Storage your game
  • 8mb memory capacity
  • For All Ps2
  • 2 analog keys
  • Single mode option with LED display
  • Ergonomic design to ensure an optimal handling
  • Stable construction
  • Plug and play