Xbox 360 Snoopy Flying Ace Digital Code
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  • Snoopy Flying Ace
  • Format: Xbox 360 Live Arcade
  • Price: 800 ms points
  • Players: 1-2
  • Online: 2-16
  • Genre: Arcade Plane Fighter

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Snoopy Flying Ace
Format: Xbox 360 Live Arcade
Price: 800 ms points
Players: 1-2
Online: 2-16
Genre: Arcade Plane Fighter

Smart Bomb Interactive

Snoopy is 60 years old now and to celebrate we have this game released on the week of his birthday. A dog fighting game based on the comic sketches.

 Snoopy is an online focussed plane game as you fly around in small battlefields destroying the opposition or playing a variation of American football if you so choose to. It controls well and a wide selection of weapons, two which can be selected at one time and changed upon death and it runs well in the cartoony renditions of famous places. It’s forever frantic thanks to a currently healthy online user base and if it does die down the game offers splitscreen as well as guests for online. It is a complete online package and apart from Battlefield 1943’s planes there isn’t really anything else like it on the arcade.

 The game has a mission mode of sorts to following a tacked on story mode which sits on the loading screens. This mode is basically a training mode for the main events as it teaches you control, collecting, fighting and how to use a turret. It isn’t long lasting at about an hour though it is a fun training mode for the main online play apart from the dreadful zeppelin levels which have you shooting one down along with waves and waves of enemies, they never seem to end. This mode to can be playing in splitscreen and online which does spruce things up a bit, but everything should remain with the online side of things when it comes to considering a purchase of the game.

 It is a good multiplayer game which is different enough to stand out on the service and is well priced at 800 ms points but it seems the Snoopy name has been wasted slightly. Apart from Charlie Brown characters flying the vehicles, nothing feels like Snoopy. A bigger story with cutscenes or comics would have been welcome, the game doesn’t deliver on fanservice and apart from loading screens it would be hard to tell if the game was Snoopy. It could have dropped the name and it wouldn’t have lost or gained anything, which is a shame.

 Snoopy is well worth picking up though, it is a good example of well priced downloadable gaming and is perfect pick up and play material, just don’t go into it for the single player and things will be smooth flying.

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