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1. Wii console controller
2. Built-in motion sensor, increase your sense of touch while playing.
3. Fully compatible with all Wii software and games


Color: white
Material: ABS
Replacement nunchuck controller size: about 115 x 35 x 40 mm (L x W x H)
Replacement remote controller size: about 160 x 50 x 30 mm (L x W x H)
Instructions for use:
I. Connecting method:
1. Method of connecting the remote controller with the Wii console
- Open the battery cover on the remote controller
- Install 2pcs AA batteries (place positive and negative pole correctly)
- Press the red SYNC button next to the battery cover (four lights on the remote controller will flash)
- Press the SYNC button on the console
- Make the console and the remote to pair code (when pairing code is OK, one light on the remote will be on) 
- At this point, the remote controller and the Wii console has completed code pairing.
2. Method of connecting the nunchuck with the remote controller:
Plug the Wii port of the remote to the Wii port of the nunchuck and connect, then you can go directly to the game screen operation,
II. Solution to possible problems
1. Ways to solve the problem of " Try connecting several times but failed, but the old controllers were easy to connect" 
Restart the console, because too many Bluetooth connection of the console may lead to data errors of the console.
2. Ways to solve the problem of synchronization failure of controllers:
Before placing the battery, press and hold the code pairing key to discharge the electricity of the capacitor, and then install the battery and pair code
III. Solution to normal problems
1. Please check if the battery power is enough or if there is a poor connection
2. Restart the console and controllers
3. Remember that the effective controller use distance is within 5M
4. Check whether there are other signal interferences

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1x Wii Remote Controller+Nunchuk Controller-White Loose Packing 

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